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Patient Testimonials

Unfortunately, I have had a lifetime of dental challenges and through the years, have seen many dentists both in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. Without question, Dr. Witrock is the most exceptional. I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to him by my oral surgeon. Dr. Witrock is extremely skilled, innovative, and precise. His attention to detail, ability to problem solve, and level of customization are superb. He seeks patient input and truly listens to concerns. He demonstrates the utmost patience, and accommodation to your needs. Most important, his results are outstanding. My treatment plan is ongoing but I am extremely optimistic about the final outcome. Reflecting his level of professionalism, his office staff is friendly and efficient. I recommend Dr. Andrew Witrock with great enthusiasm and the highest praise.

Constance W.
June 2018

Dear Dr. Witrock and Maureen,

Saying "Thank You" is just not enough.

On Tuesday when I broke my front tooth down to the gumline, I hoped that a miracle could occur so I'd be able to attend a retirement dinner that evening. Due to your specialized skill and willingness to have me in smiling shape, I actually arrived before the honoree's parents! When she named me as the most influential person in her professional development... thanks to you, I WAS ABLE TO BE THERE!

Karen G.
June 2018

Both my wife and I would like to thank Dr. Witrock and his entire staff for an excellent experience in all aspects of our recent visits. They have been extremely accommodating in juggling the schedule to fit us in ( long story ) and for the excellent dentistry provided. It was a pleasure going to the dentist if you can imagine. The office is run like a well oiled machine . Thanks again for your excellent treatment , I am so thankful I took your advice to have a full set of xrays....if I had opted to not have them then the abscess I had on one tooth would not have been discovered until it was too late... THANK YOU.....

Dennis O.

Thank you for the wonderful job on my "new" teeth. The dentures fit perfectly!

Ken K.
November 2016

To Dr. Witrock, Maureen and the Staff at Drs. Witrock and Axelrod,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent care and beautiful work you've done that has enabled me to find my smile again. You were caring, compassionate and you never gave up until perfection was reached. It wasn't enough for you to just repair my teeth, you wanted to be sure that I looked my best and you went to great lengths to do that. I can't thank you enough for giving me back the smile I thought I'd lost. Thank you for being so caring and wonderful!

Robin D.
June 2016

I was nervous to have my first cavity filled, but Dr. Witrock and his staff made me feel so comfortable! He explained everything before the procedure was done which really helped to ease my nerves. The clean and friendly environment made for a great experience at the dentist. I didn’t feel a thing! I feel so fortunate that I found a trusting and caring dental office for me and my family!

Aly L.
January 2016

People think I'm crazy when I tell them that I love going to the dentist. Do I like getting my teeth cleaned or drilled, no - not at all! But when you have great people surrounding you, you can't help but enjoy the time you spend with them. Dr Diane Axelrod is a truly amazing dentist and, even better yet, a great person! When your four year old walks out of a dentists office smiling and laughing and asking when she has to go back, that's when you know you have an amazing Doctor!!! If anyone is looking for an amazing dentist, please, please go to their page and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed...

Veronica C.
November 2015

It’s rare when you are lucky enough to meet a true professional at a time when you need them most. After having trouble with premature gum and bone failure for most of my life, I was recommended to Dr. Witrock 13 years ago. He established a true long term plan to replace several teeth and preserve the rest as long as possible and a logical plan to replace them when it became necessary. Dr. Witrock has always been glad to answer all of my questions and take as much time as necessary to help me truly understand what to do and why we should do it, while giving me all the options available in my situation.

I have just completed a multi-year replacement project of all of my upper and lower teeth set on all new dental implants. This was coordinated with my oral surgeon and completed in logical stages which allowed me to always have well functioning teeth with only minor temporary discomfort. Through the use of several temporary bridges, I was able to eat and enjoy anything I wanted the entire time. No one even knew I was undergoing such a large procedure.

If I had it all to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing. And in today’s world that’s saying something. The same care and attention to detail is evident with Dr. Axelrod and their entire staff. My children and family all see Dr. Axelrod. It’s important for me to know that my family is in good hands and will receive the best possible care.

As you may have guessed, my procedure was not cheap, but after hearing horror stories from friends who chose a dentist or prosthodontist based on price I consider my experience and finished product an outstanding value.

Frank C.
March 2013

I have been thoroughly pleased with Dr. Witrock and his staff throughout the entire implant and permanent upper bridge procedure. The staff was always friendly, professional, and courteous. Dr. Witrock answered all my questions honestly and completely, time was never an issue. His attention to detail is evident in the beautiful and natural appearance of the final product.
Now that the work is completed, I am ecstatic that the upper bridge looks and feels like real teeth; I can eat anything and everything without fear or discomfort.
Initially, I was shocked at the sizable cost, but when I smile, eat, or speak, I know that the benefits far outweigh the cost. How can you put a price on having "real" teeth again?
I highly recommend Dr. Witrock. I sincerely thank Dr. Witrock and his staff for a job well done.

Carolyn H.
December 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Witrock for more than one year now. He came highly recommended by one of my friends. At the present time I'm undergoing a major oral reconstruction based mainly on dental implants.

Since I'm an elderly person, I have a wide experience as a patient with other dentists. I would like to say that Dr. Andrew Witrock gained my trust from day one and this feeling is growing, and is by far the best dentist ever to have completed work for me.
From my first visit I was impressed by the level of care offered by the doctor himself and his staff. This starts from the treatment plan and ends with the execution of it.

The atmosphere in the office is very friendly and encouraging for the high level of treatment practiced by the doctor himself.

In one sentence, I would like to state that the level of medicine practiced by this doctor is nothing short of ingenious, delicate, and marked by an elaborate execution.
I would gladly recommend him to any of my friends.

Sorin B.
August 2012